Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday Notes - "S.O.O.T." Day

3:45pm Yup, I'll call today a S.O.O.T. day, which stands for "Stay Out of Trouble". For I had to miss the Europe session and U.S. general session open to help wrap up some of the final details of my non-market endeavor (only two days left!) ... which if this was May or June would have resulted in some newbie "That's no problem, I'll just make up for it in the later day summer slop" undisciplined trades.

Yet this is July, where I seemed to have at least partially removed my head from my lower half (I know, great visual), and so I was able to keep the feet moving forward with a baby step day largely by staying out of trouble and not forcing things while taking a couple of clips amidst the day's post-open tight range.

So I suppose to use yesterday's Pac Man analogy, today was a single dot day while keeping the ghosts at bay.