Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Notes - Staying Ahead of the Ghosts

3:30pm Well, the personal rhythm as of late continued today as both Europe and the U.S. provided some decent intraday range, oscillations, and even ... gasp ... shall we say "pace" as Europe was winding down and the U.S. was starting up.

And the range expansion certainly opened up the intraday profit window a bit as both the DAX (3rd intraday push into 9am ET) and ES (gap and trap) provided some high-probability/low-risk fade entries, letting gravity do most of the work after the premature faders got stopped ... followed by a textbook VIX and three-line break long trigger on the afternoon mini-pop.

And so this recent Pac Man game of slowly chewing away at the daily meals presented to us continues, and I feel a continued sense of eerie calm as all is once again right in this little corner of the world as I get ready to lock myself in a room -- er, I mean tank -- with a family of traders for eight weeks (btw, average Jellie age? 46).

I'm on my game, the consistency is there, I'm not pressing, and I'm slowly but steadily building a modest wave of personal momentum as we continue to meander our way through this summer trade.

Maybe I had it wrong.

Perhaps 2008 was the year of staying ahead of the French guy in the pool, while 2009 is staying ahead of the Pac Man Ghosts.

High Score Anyone?