Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday Notes - A Higher Standard

9:45pm Yes, another late note after another long day. First things first, as my trading and focus seems to be coming around again as I shorted the open expecting a gap and trap (I mean REALLY expecting it), yet was able to clearly recognize it wasn't in the cards, scratched the sequence, and adapted fairly well in terms of staying out of trouble and getting at least a ham sandwich on the trend day, as I look ahead to another possible M.A.T.D. on Thursday.

As for the latest on the Jellie effort, it's a good thing I'm typing tonight and not talking, as I've all but lost my voice going through dozens of phone interviews. And yes, I'm tired.

Some quick highlights:

- There are a lot of great people out there with the right attitude, motives and ... well, they're just good people. The kind you want to be around. The kind you'd trust with your kids. The kind you'd trust to help you through rough times. And yes, the kind you'd want to build a team around.

- While I don't have formal stats, my guess is the average age of those selected thus far is likely around 38 ... and perhaps even higher. So we're not talking Joe newbie trading in his Mom's basement ... we're talking successful business owners, athletes, and yes, even some career traders looking to further their education, with several looking for the team to help push them over the goal line.

- Like trading, the calls & interviews have been draining, yet exhilarating at the same time. And in the process, I've learned a great deal about the traders and their families ... including one heartfelt discussion this evening that I'll never forget and that quickly reminded me of the lower priority that trading has compared to life (Bob, you and your son will forever be in my prayers.)

And so as the selection phase winds down and we move toward implementation, I'm reminded of the higher standard anyone in a position of leadership is expected -- and rightfully so -- to maintain. Not simply a high standard. A higher one.

A year ago, one of the reasons I launched the blog was to hold myself accountable ... certainly to myself, yet equally to those who chose to look over my shoulder. For I felt it was my responsibility to describe and document all sides of trading ... or as I've often put it, the good, bad, and ugly. And believe me, it wasn't always easy talking about the ugly.

And now as I begin the serious effort of helping a team from across the globe gel as individuals and as a group, I'm again reminded of the importance of accountability, trust, and simply backing up the talk with the walk.

So for the next ten weeks -- including two to finish building the tank and eight to swim with the Jellies -- I'm going to indeed hold myself personally accountable to that higher standard. A standard that begins with completing the last three pieces of the puzzle with more quality players, and then setting the kind of example that mirrors that which each teammate has brought to the table.

The games are over.

It's time for the serious business to begin.