Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Notes - Getting Centered

9:45pm Yes, this is one of my later weekday posts, so I'll go the quickie list route tonight:

1. Nice to see we got the M.A.T.D. oscillations (for newbies, that's Morning After Trend Day) where my trading was essentially wrapped up by 10:30am and we could get on with enjoying the weather and building the Jellie tank. But more on that later.

2. Yes, I've taken down the 18-month chip +$2M stack count to the left for both psychological reasons and to purge any perception of resting on laurels, hype, etc. So if you want to see past performance, you're going to have to hunt for it! In my mind, it's back to zero (or below) and a whole new ballgame.

3. After spending an hour or so with 30 needles sticking in me tonight (trying acupuncture for the back), I was reminded by the Doc that I need to to do a better job at managing precious energy and focusing on what's important and purging the rest (yes Kevin, I know you've been screaming at me to do just that!). So it's in that spirit that the comments remain off -- see yesterday's post -- as I devote my body, mind, and soul to three current critical efforts:

- My own trading. And yes, contrary to belief in some strange circles, I'm not stopping trading, and if anything will be ramping it up upon completion of ...

- Wrapping up my non-market endeavor. For in ten short days, I'll be able to devote 100% of my intraday focus to the market, vs. the 80% or so I've had over the last few years as the result of conflicting commitments.

- Complete drafting the Jellie team and constructing the tank. Team now 65% complete ... see top left of blog for a continuous update. Thus far, we've got a solid mix of former floor traders, experienced screen traders, less experienced traders who were successful elsewhere (i.e. CEOs), and even a former pro athlete who all share the common goal of working alongside each other to drive each other -- and the team -- to a higher level of performance.

The main qualities I'm looking for? Maturity, professionalism, tenacity, a team player, and a driven desire to succeed. So for those who have asked, experience is far less of an issue, and yes, even though there are few spots left and I'm still pouring over applications, I'll still consider late inquiries for the right person ... just email Don with a brief background and contact phone number.

Other than that, I'm working on getting centered ... including passing on a requested interview in New York this week.

Centered for the new journey ... spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

This "Type A" has lot of work to do on that one.