Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Notes - Taking Another Risk

4:00pm Call it a solid close to the week at this end to go out on the week's equity highs with some decent overnight and early U.S. trading where focus, execution, and discipline remained sharp. And has been the case lately again, the Europe & U.S. Globex sessions provided a better pace and range than the often pitiful U.S. intraday trade ... especially on this summer Friday.

And following up on recent themes, I continue to sense that my motivation is indeed returning, and perhaps starting to approach July/August 2008 levels. Motivation which has been boosted by a combination of (1) a heightened focus and improved health as of late, (2) one week remaining tending to my non-market business which has zapped some focus and market opportunity every day over the last few years, (3) completing the Jellie team that will go for its first swim in a little over two weeks, and (4) some bulletin board material prompted by a handful of naysayers that -- like 2008 -- are helping get me locked into a zone big time right now. Yes, some will never learn and never realize they just make me more motivated to prove them wrong. Again.

So it's in that spirit that I'll peek at my folder of bulletin board material from a few kiddies typing away or emailing in anonymity that has been passed to me over the years:

2007 & Prior: "If he's so good teaching, then why the hell doesn't he trade?? Because he can't! Ha!"
Late 2007: "Who's he kidding ... a Million $ Target?? and at the age of 47?? ... yea right, when the Cubs Sweep the Series"
July 2008: "A blog? He can't be serious ... who will read that? Yea, but he'll never share his mistakes!"
Early October 2008: "Nice to see he got blown away today ... let's see him come back from that!"
Mid-October 2008 to April 2009: Hmmm ... Pretty Much an Empty Folder
June 2009: "I told you he'd finally get tired!" (one of my favorites)
July 2009: "Jellies? What a rip-off. Who's he kidding?? He's lost his touch. He's cashing in. This blog was one giant setup. No one with half a brain would want to be a part of that."

Admittedly, I know it's been a tiny minority over the years, but I still love 'em and save 'em for the humor and motivation.

Yup, I could take the easy road and not expose myself to public risk and the occasional criticism once again. I could choose to waste away in anonymity and shy away from the public. I could choose to simply pack the last few years away and go cower in a cave. I could decide never to place another trade again. I could back off from trying to help unite a team because it's turned out to be a lot more work than I first anticipated. I could join the ranks of the bleacher bums and scream at the players and guzzle another beer vs. lacing them up on the field. I could spend time refereeing battling posters vs. trying to build something significant and lasting. I could, I could, I could ...

Yet simply put, it's time to take another risk.

And if Helen Keller's view on risk as stated in the top pic isn't enough (click on image to enlarge and read), I'll end the week with this one from Robert Collier:

"Playing it safe is probably the most unsafe thing in the world."

I hate playing it safe.

P.S. My thanks to all for the tremendous response to the Jellie experiment. I'll share the average demographics shortly -- average age definitely in the 40s -- as I continue to work on building the tank. Also, the Webinar sign-up should be functional by the end of the weekend, and I'll post the Weekend Trader as always.