Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Notes - Tale of Two Markets

7:00pm Short post tonight as I have a commitment this evening.

At this end, I had solid ES morning reads and sequences (early long bias on the gap into existing long supports) offset by sub-optimizing the afternoon NQ pullback which was a bit deeper than I was anticipating. First NQ trade for me in a while ... I took the sequence as I liked its relative strength, but the underlying summer order flows remain atrocious and liquidity was a bit tough once the bids dropped. The net result was keeping the streak in tact, albeit well off intraday equity highs.

And tonight, team "Jellie" is officially "meeting" one another via distribution of the team directory with bios, demographics, & photos. The final average age of the 20 traders? 45.5. Prior careers? Everything from Corporate Vice-President to a former NFL quarterback ... and everything in-between.

The tank is ready.

The swim begins Sunday evening.