Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Weekend Trader - Raising the Sails

On the heels of Wednesday's "Getting Restless" post, and as I approach several mile markers over the coming weeks and look to the next phase of my trading & life -- and at the risk of sounding a bit like "always but never retiring" Brett Favre -- I can't help but again wonder if this public trading journal has run its course.

Such a question also comes at a time where I wonder where my true focus should lie as I get ready to enter a new phase in my life.

Whether you call it a mid-life reassessment (I refuse to use the word "crisis", as it clearly isn't) or some other term, the fact is that I'm about to reach several mile markers which are getting closer to the end of the road than the beginning.

I had a similar feeling about a year ago.  Instead of duplicating the content here, I'll simply direct you to last summer's post of similar reassessment as focus shifted for a brief period from self to group.

I've always told myself that I'd keep blogging as long as I felt it was helpful.  And as I look back at two years of writing, I feel I've fully accomplished my initial goal of open and candidly sharing the ongoing challenges, successes, and stumbles of a bona-fide trader in this performance-driven field.  For such was always my goal, from that day when I ended my self-imposed exile from public view to this very moment.

It's all here, with many of the highlights listed in the Key Post list in the lower left hand margin.

And I mean all, with specific and purposeful emphasis on the occasional pain, disappointment, frustration, burn-out, and momentary (but long forgotten) October '08 and May '10 daggers to at least try to offset the forever-rampant industry hype.

Yet most of all, this blog was intended to be a documentation of the human spirit.  A formal record showing how, with the grace and strength from God and support of others, we can strive to overcome life's imperfections.

How else can we explain one trader coming off the mat again and again and again -- and again -- to overcome his humanity and achieve what some might consider the improbable on a sustained basis?

How else can we explain Chelsea's incredible story of managing a daily life-threatening situation to overcome the odds and accomplish more in 18 years than many do in 90.

And as I approach various markers over the coming days -- including the 2 Year anniversary of the blog, 1 Year anniversary of the Boston Bamboo Trader's Picnic, 1 Year anniversary of the Jellie launch, Chelsea's graduation party & 18th birthday (both yesterday), and beginning of our empty nest years -- I'm convinced more than ever that in our case, part of our mission is to inspire others to never give up on life.

Not only not giving up on life, but living it abundantly and to our fullest potential.

For as in this video which I first posted last July, life at times is going to do its best to shake us to our very core.  The winds and rains will come -- hard -- and try to drown our strength and motivation.  Some will even revel in seeing us flounder.

Yet as Truman did, perhaps it's simply our job to hold onto that rope and raise the sails so God's wind can direct us to that open door.  And we all have the rope burns to prove it.

So long this remains our mission and there's more to share, the virtual blog pen will remain in hand.

And if life's sails direct us otherwise?  We'll try our best to go where the wind carries us.

Happy Father's Day.


Anonymous said...

Don - Thanks for the I have followed your posts since inception I have to say for a type "A" you seem to be a bit wishy washy. No matter what direction you take (blog, no blog, trade, no trade...) you are in the game of life...and you will always run into barriers that mentally keeps most people out of the game. It takes extreme guts, persistence and shear will to get past the demons that try to enter the gates of our minds. You already understand I get confused with your back and forth on direction. Pick a direction and go towards it. If it's teaching (which you seem to be good at) or anything else, just make a decision! It's a little like pulling the trigger on a it. Besides God will not fill your sails with the winds of direction. God has ALREADY given you the goods (and talents) and is now waiting on you to use those tools. He wants you to take it as far as you can. Most people will not come close to your accomplishments so you obviously have been a good steward of those talents and blessings...but you can do more! Personally I believe reading what you have written on this blog is a college degree in it would be a shame to close the doors of the college so soon.

Also people use age as an excuse to slow down or take a different direction...but let us not forget that "age is nothing but mind over matter, if you don't mind, it don't matter." Like the great Bobby Jones eluded to in a famous, like golf, is played on the greatest five and half inch course of all, that of which is between your ears.

Don, I believe the answers to your questions lay beneath your can't see the forest for the trees. You're a trade. You are a great keep writing these lesson(people will continue to read). You have a passion for curing pour your unspent time towards raising money and working with doctors on the mission. You have a captive audience who is willing to help in all of these areas...and that may be God's wind you are seeking.

From one "Type A" (and diabetic) to another...

"Not dead, can't quit"!

Keep up the great work!


Unknown said...

Don, you can't quit the blog now...I just found you! I'm just kidding. I know you gotta do what you gotta do, BUT it would be nice if you decide to continue the blog. I've only read a small bit of your blog, but it looks great and can't wait to read more. I am a beginner...heck, really, I'm a pre-beginner...haven't traded a thing yet. I came here and checked out what you had to say about May 6 cuz because that day drives me nuts. Enjoyed the video, and I also learned something...WATCH THE VIX! Thank you. Hope you carry on with this...and hope you have a great Father's Day.

Ross Writer said...

A not insignificant ministry:

"A formal record showing how, with the grace and strength from God and support of others, we can strive to overcome life's imperfections."

E said...


...and Indomitable spirit

We all hope the doors remain open...

Like Dr Brett, there is a need for your voice to be heard.