Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday AM Notes - Two Lessons

Last night provided two lessons showing how trading yet again mirrors life.

First, the quote of last night's baccalaureate service goes to the graduating class marshall, who closed her speech with the following:

"None of us can go back and change our beginnings ...
  ... but we can all change how we end."

Sounds like a great opening page of a trading book.

Second, in the current NBA Finals, Ray Allen showed how important rhythm, confidence, and momentum are in terms of performance ... even for a world class athlete.

For after setting an NBA Finals record for shooting accuracy in Game 2, he went 0-13 in Game 3.

Isn't it so true with discretionary trading as well.

Guard your rhythm and confidence at all costs.

For it will help you pen that new ending.


BirdMan said...


The good news is Kevin has now sent a message to Gasol, Allen and Pierce's bad games are behind them, and the Celtics have not yet played a good game! While all that may be true I was expecting the "good game" to be last night!
We will see.

As for trading I bet Allen's back to back performances could be called an "outlier"....


RobbyES said...

What happened to Ray Allen during games 2 and 3 is a perfect analogy as a trader without confidence is a trader destined to fail.

Don Miller said...

Absolutely RobbyES.