Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Notes - Synchronized Swimming

OK, let's recap this morning's PJO (Prime Jellie Opportunity) ... once again using the Jellie tank transcript (click to enlarge).  This time, I left the Jellie comments in tact (hiding the names for confidentiality) to reinforce the benefit of multiple "team" eyes.

Sharp focus, a single market (do people still trade multiple markets????), one setup, stalking one sniper shot, multiple eyes, & everyone swimming together.

As it should be.

P.S. I may do this from time to time as time and focus permit ... and will be sure to include losers as well.


Mircea said...

Hey Don,

u gave us so many great moticational videos, i recently found this one that i think its great:

chack it out and you can even share it on the blog if you want
thanks for all the gre

Don Miller said...

Great Video Mircea!