Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday Notes - Act Like You've Been There

In today's video, I remind all of us that long stretches of consisently positive results as I'm currently experiencing should be considered the norm ... and not the unexpected. It's simply our job, and after years in this business, we should be able to distinguish wholesale vs. retail every day.

As for those in this industry who try to glorify this business via high fives when a successful trade occurs, they're simply rah-rah casino dealers continuing to mislead those pursuing this business as a serious, well "business". 

Want excitement, disappointment, and entertainment?  Go to Vegas.  And don't forget to add budgeted gambling losses when you estimate travel and food.

Want to run a highly profitable business?

Work your a$$ off hour by hour, day by day, and year by year, don't go for home runs, and expect consistent success to be the norm.

After all, you own the dang casino.


Airelon said...

"I mean ... act like you've been here before"

LOL - I love that, and agree completely.



Airelon said...

(Oh, and I take the fishoil myself. I see an improvement as well, especially in with my back. Sitting in a chair trading / working all the time can kill my lower back. I find taking them for three weeks, and then off for a bit helps as well, if there are any worries about Mercury buildup from natural sources)


Brad said...

What brand of fish oil and how much are you taking out of curiosity?