Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday AM Notes - Maybe It's My Fault

Here are two outstanding motivational videos as provided by onlookers:

In the first one, Michael Jordan summarizes EXACTLY what I've been trying to say to the trading community for more than a decade, and especially during the last two years of blogging.  This would be such a great final post ... so very, very tempting :-).

Please listen to -- and digest -- every single word ... especially the part about failure & pain.

This second one (about 10 minutes long) discusses what truly motivates us, using an MIT study as its basis:


vassili said...

Hi Don,
great post from the MIT i was wondering if u could explain a little the relation to trading as u interpret it?

Don Miller said...

Vassili -

I haven't spent much time interpreting it, and know that everyone gets motivated differently (as in the Jordan video), so it's more FYI than anything else.