Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Notes - Graduation Week

Expect some brief posts this week as our family is quite busy with Chelsea's graduation activities.

Baccalaureate service is tonight, awards night Thursday, graduation on Saturday, and the party the following Saturday (we'll be rolling out the 2009 Boston Bamboo Trader Picnic tents).

With final grades posted, Chelsea was officially notified of her valedictorian ranking last night.

Sure, this is a trading blog.

Yet more than that, it's my life blog and this deserves far more celebration than any trading accomplishment by this author.

These two recent posts help explain why:

This Trader's Inspiration

I'll of course squeeze in some trading material in-between the events, including my plans to begin recording my day's session with the HD camera for both self-evaluation and sharing purposes.

In the meantime, assume the silence indicates all is well.

And thanks to the overwhelming email response to The Weekend Trader post on John Wooden.

His life provided the material.

I simply typed the words.

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Unknown said...

Thank you Don. Although I am not a Jelly I have gained a lot from reading this blog. Trading is a challenge and it is nice to see a human perspective put on it like you do with your blog posts. By the way here is a link you may enjoy. It is an interview with John Wooden. http://tinyurl.com/29lxcf9

Thanks again for your insights.