Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Notes - Office Tour, New Toys, & MATD

Two videos tonight.

The first one (btw, I forgot to turn on the studio light, but it should be fine) addresses today's classic MATD, discusses a partial office equipment makeover, and follows up further on the lower portion of the recent scatter graph.

The second video follows up on the new "toys" in the context of a brief tour of my trading office, which I thought might be helpful since you usually only see a small part of my office (behind me in the videos).

Enjoy the game tonight.


Phileo said...

Hi Don,

I am wondering, what is your definition of a trend day?

Andrew said...

What no iphone in sight?!

Thanks for the tour.

ross said...

Thanks for the tour Don. Interesting to see the rest of the room and your setup

Esraeli said...

check out 'synergy' software for controlling multiple computers from one keyboard/mouse. very convenient.

Bob said...

Ditto on the tour comments - adds a personal flair =)

Don Miller said...

Yea, I got several suggestions re: Synergy, but the ocmpanies says it's not Windows 7 capable.

Don Miller said...

Phileo - Preferably closing strong up or down, but essentially it's just knowing the prices tend to oscillate after any move. Don

Unknown said...


Have you ever touched on the subject of tax preparation for active traders in your blog? Yet another commonly passed over topic in the trading blogosphere IMHO.


cordura21 said...

Hi Don,there's an alternative to Synergy called Input Director, which is Windows 7 compatible:

I used both and you'll find it even easier to use.

Congratulations for you great blog, I follow it a lot.

Cheers from Argentina, Cord