Wednesday, January 28, 2009

** VIDEO ** The Blood is Pumping

Tonight, I talk about perhaps finally finding some motivation to kick me into gear for 2009 and the ridiculous doom and gloom currently prevalent in the industry.

I also follow up on the recent blog discussions on CME costs and talk about ways to grow the blog or resurrect the after hours lounge for the benefit of all -- comments encouraged -- as site hits have doubled in the last week alone and are now approaching 1,000 daily visitors ... and for a simple personal diary (go figure). I guess we're not in Kansas anymore Toto.

Anyway, I felt like venting, so here goes:

Heading to bed early tonight, and will post comments and replies in the morning.


E-Mini Player said...

Don, I enjoyed the couple of times I was able to join you in the Live chat in the evenings so I'm all for bringing that back. Btw, any update on that active trader network you mentioned a few weeks ago? I put together a closed group for Active Traders on Facebook, but let me know if you need any technical help for putting something together for active traders. It would be very cool to have a central place where we could share ideas and vent some frustrations as well :)

Don Miller said...

Hey E-Mini -

No update yet on the network, but I may take you up on your offer.

One of my concerns is security in terms balancing restricting access or registration (to keep the crazies at bay) with open access to benefit all.

It's still largely conceptual at this point, but perhaps we can discuss some evening. I also wouldn't mind taking a look at what you did on Facebook if you'd like to share in a private post.


Unknown said...


It’s great when you show the chart for the day and how you read it. Very amazing that so many of us are looking at the same exact thing –yet have different results. I never get the feeling I’m playing against anyone either (like poker) but more like against myself- and what a battle that is- one mind f after another!

Feels like I have more time to make a decision in poker and the “experience” is over much quicker to.

Great idea having a trading lounge for all of us to vent-the life of a trader can be lonely at times.

You have that “fire” in your eyes too Don – I wish I can find mine…


James Edwards-Marche said...

Hey Don,

Glad you made this video...we need to leave our egos at the door and objectively congratulate or criticize. I felt as if he was almost irritated by your results! Just my feeling. Better to be inspired...

Don Miller said...

Market Monkey -

I really don't think he meant it that way, and we've exchange a couple of emails. He also did a follow up audio yesterday to put his earlier comments in perspective.

In part, I may be simply be looking for ways to get more motivated for '09, and will use any small thing right now to help get the engine heated.


cal_trader said...

Great job last year Don, with the trading AND the blog. It's the only blog I know of on the web with the kind of content you appreciate. Disregard the naysayers who are obviously envious and have issues with their own performance.

heywally said...

Agree about the doom/gloom; the financial system has always been a confidence 'game' and right now, with everything online, the media is certainly heightening the lack-of- confidence problem, largely in their pursuit of advertising revenue; they certainly don't have a lot to add in the way of astuteness in an analysis of the complex problems.