Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Notes - Breakfast in Europe

7:10pm Yes, this is probably the latest weekday post I've made since beginning the blog last July, primarily because I was focused on non-market endeavors for much of this U.S. Holiday. Nevertheless, I did manage an early morning FESX and ES sequence on the 8:00am breakdown (going long the overextension and short the pullback) for some small scraps just to keep the head into the game and the recent momentum going.

For those taking the trading day off in the U.S. (and I for the most part did exactly that), it was a good reminder that there is a world outside the immediate borders.


KN said...

You can possibly share this with your readers.



Frontloader said...

Hi Don, following your comments on trading on US holidays, how often do you trade pre spot open and how do you find your success rate when the volumes are obviously way less on these holiday trading days or pre market trading sessions?