Saturday, January 24, 2009

** VIDEO ** The Weekend Trader

I thought I'd go the video route this morning instead of the keyboard.

[Please note there's an error in that I said Dr. Bob Rotella is a coach of "trader" greats ... he's a professional golf coach.]

I'll post the traditional weekend text thoughts on Sunday. After recording this, I decided to cancel my trip to CT.

Have a great weekend.


cal_trader said...

Always enjoy the videos. Thanks for continuing with them.

Unknown said...

Good Morning Don,

My name is Mike Preston, and I live in Holden, MA (my guess is that I'm not too far from you as you are within driving distance to Foxwoods. I was introduced to your blob by a good friend who just heard your ionterview on I've spent all morning reading your blog from the beginning, and have read up until mid August at this point. I have been trading E-Mini S + P futures for a couple of years, but with frustrating overall results. I have spent tens of thousand of dollars in the last few years on trading "mentors" (one of them is a Market Wizard in Jack Schwagger's book), but have been disappointed and now realize that the true answers are within me, and can't be "taught". I am writing this comment to let you know that I feel lucky to have come in contact with your blog--you're style of trading, and indeed the trader that you are, is what I hope to emulate in the years to come. I look forward to catching up to the present posts in your blog over the next few days, and will be following your posts. Just saw your Saturday AM video, good "luck" at the tables today. You have reignited my old interest in Poker, and I ordered the Tao or Poker from Amazon this AM. Thanks again, and I look forward to reading your posts!

Don Miller said...

Welcome to the blog Michael.

I'm actually on the Cape but grew just south of Worcester. [I ended up cancelling my poker jaunt to CT and may play instead play in a local game tonight.]

You may want some dramamine as you work through the Sep-Nov posts :-).

Yes, I do believe it's all "within us". No doubt about that.

Look forward to seeing you around the blog and perhaps at some local poker games if you're interested.


Unknown said...


Thanks. I look forward to getting up to speed on the blog and I'm definitely interested in the local poker games. Have a great weekend.


emacro said...

Hello Don

Great stuff on the blog, can motivate traders who are struggling. I came across your blog on Keep it up.

I too have a blog I know of one trader on the Malaysian futures market, a local who made 2m out of a capital of 500K. I want to aspire to those heights, hopefully.

btw you talk of your favourite trade, any specifics?

Don Miller said...

Hi emarco and welcome.

I suppose my favorite trade would be a toss-up between a first pullback (trading with the immediate trend) and an unsustainable emotional overextension (trading against the immediate trend, and hopefully with a larger one).

And if I had to break the tie, I'd go with #2. It's the trade that few seem to take and thus usually the highest % and most profitable

btw, nice blog.


emacro said...

Ok thanks for the compliment on the blog.

Yeah as I've heard many times, "The best trades are taken where you logically wound not expect to enter...."

Trader Bill said...

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and insights with us, Don. I really enjoy hearing how successful traders approach the market and your interview on Trader Interviews was most enlightening.

Don Miller said...

Thanks Bill and welcome to the blog.