Friday, January 2, 2009

Special Post - Initial 2009 Thoughts

Some thoughts as the two-week Holiday respite officially ends for most traders on Sunday.

2009 Plans - I still haven't decided how to approach 2009 in terms of personal goals, extent of trading activity, blog changes, etc., and figure like most things in life, it will become obvious at some point ... which it hasn't yet. I'm leaning toward trading a smaller account for fun and extra cash, but until then, I remain on a bit of a mental vacation and am enjoying some peace in my life, the duration of which remains unclear. I suppose it's always good to have choices in life.

I've obviously restarted the countdown clock to the left, to at least keep my mind in the game if nothing else for now, and will keep you posted. (And yes, I did make a small trade early this morning.)

Comments to my Final 2008 Post - You may find some interesting dialogue in the comments section if you're so inclined, especially the last few addressing blog comment postings in general and thoughts on benchmarking. The only thought I'll reinforce on top of my responses is that this blog diary remains a balance of (1) a personal historical journal (beats writing in a hardbound diary, especially with my handwriting), (2) a personal motivational tool which takes the form of both cussing at myself and recognizing goal achievement, and (3) an opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions with those interested.

And yes, I have celebrated the 2008 personal goal accomplishment as I did my high school basketball state championship, my graduation from college and grad school, and other significant milestone goals into which I poured significant personal effort ... and will never apologize for it. And if you've reached any of your own goals, hell, put the trophy in the trophy case, throw a party, and scream from the rooftops ... you've earned it. I'll let the rest of my responses stand.

Like TV, if anyone doesn't care for the content, they're always welcome to change the channel :-).

Congrats to My Sister - I'll be attending my sister's wedding tomorrow (Saturday), so will be away from the blog for much of the day. That goal dwarfs anything I've ever done, or will ever do in my trading career. And she's getting married for the first time at 51 ... talk about waiting for your Bamboo to sprout! Congrats sis.

I'll try to squeeze in a video later tonight.

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