Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Notes - Slow P&L Crawl

6:10pm Well, I'm not one known for a loss of words, although I really couldn't think of much to say about today. It's not that I didn't trade much as I was fairly active at over 3,000 contracts traded, but the day just seemed to go on without event at this end as I teetered between positive and negative much of the day, finally ending very modestly green on a day where I suppose the good simply outweighed the bad.

The only regret I had was getting up around 7am ... shortly after Europe and the U.S. overnight session climbed off a textbook Europe 15-minute pullback. That didn't sit too well with me. And ironically, I would have likely been at my station for the move had I not played poker well into the night where I feel I played my best prolonged, focused poker ever and won a local tournament. Go figure.

I've updated the performance scorecard to the left which certainly shows a drop in focus and conviction today, although the bottom line continues to creep up and the week's cumulative gain wasn't that bad. I'm purposely avoiding discussing #s until we get at least to the end of January as it's still far too early for them to mean anything. It's still a rather slow crawl, yet at least the direction remains forward as I continue to look to get in a more motivated and intense 2009 groove.

I'll have more thoughts as always over the weekend.

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