Thursday, January 15, 2009

Special Post - Interview with Tim Bourquin

Earlier today, I granted old friend Tim Bourquin of,, and the Traders Expo a phone interview. The interview is about 25 minutes long, and you can find it here.

Today we covered a wide range of topics, including my general trading philosophy, providing liquidity, specializing in the S&Ps, holding periods, trade sizing, "daytrading", performance targets, market rhythms (including last fall's), the fictitious drawdown concept, my views on 2008, and my still-emerging plans for 2009.


SS said...

Hi Don,

Enjoyed the interview, superb 08' performance, thanks for the inspiration to push harder.

Looking forward, do you have any comment on the possibility that the new administration will enact a securities transaction tax (0.25%or maybe even more)? If they do that, do you think that short term trading as a business can survive?


E-Mini Player said...

Very good interview Don!

Don Miller said...

Thanks SS & E-Mini -

In terms of the tax, I have no idea and am really not familiar with it. I'm not even sure it would apply to futures contracts.

I suspect markets will always be around in some fashion, and am not too concerned with any cost structure change, unless it's signficant.


Geert said...

hi don,

do you have the intention to do new trading courses during the year?