Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday Notes - Welcome October!

A short post tonight before I head out and accept second place (ick!) in last quarter's poker tourney.

October got off to a solid start in both Jellie tanks with a heavy bear trend bias once the hourly triangle broke to the south shortly after open, and from there all eyes were on looking for high probability retracement shorts and unsustainable fades into the midday push. In terms of the market pace, the VIX pop to new recent highs helped us sustain the bias throughout the day, while ushering in what is traditionally the best trading month of the year.

With respect to tomorrow's anticipated trade, traders who have been long followers of this site -- and all Webinar attendees and both Jellie tanks -- should know by now that today's closing action sets up a potential monster MATD (Morning After Trend Day) for tomorrow in terms of the expected high-probability morning trade. So let's get some sleep and come ready to play with our "A" game on!

Lastly, here's today's official press release as issued by the American Diabetes Association with respect to last night's donation. Thanks again to all who participated, and I hope to be able to present them with more checks going forward as access to the Study Series expands.