Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Weekend Trader - Catching The Rabbit

As I approach the end of yet another indescribable year, I can't help but look back at the recent past to find clues as to where my energies should be focused for the future.

Most who have been following this trek over recent years know that I need motivation at the depths of my soul to spur me to productive action, and the last few years of intense personal commitment, trading, blogging, and interim return to trader education all reflect that.

Yet like any decent trader, I need to focus primarily on the road ahead -- using the past solely to provide clues for the future -- and so as I approach the end of yet another personally satisfying year where I met and overcame various unexpected challenges (this time far more than simply financial goals), I find myself this evening wondering what road I should take in 2010.

Shortly, I expect my return to intense live trader education to end as the Jellie efforts and remaining ripples conclude. And as my eyes look to the future, I ponder where my energies should be directed in 2010 and beyond.

For some reason, I've been put in a position that most would envy ... that of having both the freedom and resources -- as I find myself only a stone's throw from the magical age of 50 -- to do, well, whatever I want to do. It's that carrot at the end of the proverbial stick that all traders constantly pursue, or that rabbit that racing dogs pursue that can't ever be caught. Except there's one key difference at my end. I caught it.

Personal trading goals? Met and exceeded. Retirement Positioning? Check. Trying to Make a Difference? Perhaps the jury is still out on that one, although spending a few months working with other traders and the American Diabetes Association has hopefully helped to some small extent.

Those who trade alongside me know one of my strengths is immediately forgetting about the last trade and moving to the future. Such was the case on Friday as I got caught a bit buying the DAX's fourth push down, only to see the bottom fall out for a highly unusual fifth push, before quickly rallying my trading to more than offset that early ding in less than an hour.

And such is the case as I look to 2010 and beyond. I must forget the past to focus on the future.

Yet I'm currently finding planning the road ahead more difficult than simply planning the next trade.

You see, I caught the rabbit.

Now I have to decide what to do with it.

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