Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Weekend Trader - Rabbit Feedback

Wow. Suffice it to say that the response to yesterday's post about "Catching the Rabbit" was overwhelming, and here's the current feedback, which ranges from nothing to do with trading to everything to do with trading, with my comments in italics.

And based on one suggestion below, I've momentarily reactivated the comments ability for today's post as a trial, with the caveat noted next to the suggestion below.

Non-Trading Related

Take that Europe trip with my wife for a prolonged and spectacular change of scenery.

Take my poker game to the next level by playing some Pros online. btw, I did briefly sit at a high stakes game at Foxwoods yesterday before I played in the Foxwoods World Championship feeder events, which was quite an experience.

Take at least 30 days without doing ANYTHING trading related. (No trades, no email & even no talking or thinking about trading.) Could I handle the withdrawal symptoms?

Take a year and travel the world. But trade from your laptop throughout the year as you are able to fit it into your day. How do you say Sony Vaio in Italian? Or is "Vaio" already Italian?

Enroll in a course at the BMW Performance Driving school. I thought I was already doing that on the freeway off-ramps. And does trading on the laptop while driving officially fall within the "no texting" law?

Think of something you're afraid of doing. Do it now! Well, I hate snakes and flying. Perhaps I should watch "Snakes on a Plane".

Begin training for an athletic achievement ... Marathon ... 400lb bench press ... 500lb squat ... long distance swimming. I'd have to start small on that one, as the exercise bike in my trading office is buried under multiple layers of dust.

Take a Bikram Yoga Class. I had to Google that one.

Become an investor in a smaller budget film Indie type film. As long as it's not about snakes.

Mentor a youth.

Start an annual Poker Charity Event.

Take your knowledge of trading and attempt to break it down into an automated trading system. Interesting, but probably not possible since I believe in trader discretion and adapting to the markets on a moment-by-moment basis.

Write a movie script. Have I mentioned it wouldn't include snakes?

Trading Related

Redefine my goals to reflect "stretch" goals just as Jack Welch did with his executives at GE. i.e. view myself at the beginning of my journey, vs. the end. Very solid advice.

Put up some live video of your trades on YouTube.

In advance, pick a few days a month out of a hat, whatever money you earn that day gets donated to a charity. I'll go one even better. How about if I draw down, I donate twice as much as the loss to charity in an Antonio Esfandiari - Phil Laak sort of way. For those who aren't familiar with their ongoing bets, Antonio recently agreed to pay Phil any time he didn't comply with his reestablished poker regimen.

Evolve the blog further in some dynamic way.

Reactivate the Blog comments feature, keeping the prior spam filter in place. Consider today a trial. As I've said before, I'm not going to waste life's precious energy engaging in useless debates or responding to those who believe the Blue Wall is Red. Unprofessional or disparaging comments will be screened before they reach me.

Elaborate more on my early days in trading.

Start an fee-based online monthly trading room for traders on a monthly budget, allowing past Jellie participants to post real-time and others to observe. (Multiple suggestions.) Doubtful, as I've avoided it like the plague as a trader and because I believe in individual trader focus (including mine!), and limiting teaching to encouraging self-sufficiency ... not to mention the administrative hassles. Would there really be interest in something like this and more importantly, would such a "squawk box" be productive??

Set aside X amount of dollars as your stop-loss. Then triple your position size. Now this one has me thinking.

Thanks to all emailing comments.

You've got me thinking.

Big Time.


steve said...

What a great list! I remember a past comment was to "write a book" about your trading process, sucesses, and how it affected your lifestyle. I didn't see that one listed.

James Stollenwerck said...

Hi Don,

Whatever it is, trading/not trading, quit trying so hard. Let it come to you, including focus. We've all got a long way to go, even at my age.


Max Ghello said...

It's true what Steve said

I persist in this idea! but in blog format.

Category: "key moments & anecdotes"

Another ...
Trading in the morning in Sifnos Greece with your VAIO. Walk around the city in the afternoon. Enjoy the sunset!



ross said...

Out of the list there I think either increasing your size (you already clearly have an edge, exploit it!) or take a holiday are the 2 I'd suggest.


Veda said...

If I might suggest...See if your subconscious will provide an answer....It's December 31st, 2010. You're looking back over the year - a year which felt tremendously alive and the most fulfilling year yet. Why? What did it have in it? People - how many? what kind? large group? small group?
Spaces - where, at home? abroad? indoors? outdoors? alone? with family? with friends?
Experiences you had - what sort, personal? physical? financial? emotional? spiritual? etc... Don't worry about the details, just get the felt sense, the broad brush outlines...

Don Miller said...

Here's more input arriving via email:

Drive the garden route in South Africa with your wife & amongst other things stay at the following place in Wilderness:-

I live in Europe, and although it seems exotic to most Americans, South Africa will blow your mind away! If you do choose Europe for a vacation, Italy has to top Greece and Ravello & Positano on the Amalfi Coast are my favourites.

A holiday in South Africa will be the best money that you ever spend, some much to do: whale watching, safari, botanical gardens, see penguins, seals, dolphins, go wine tasting, the list goes on... I went with my wife twice in one year and the place I recommend will not disappoint. However, there are many great places to stay in South Africa.

Then, come back to the markets, energized and aim to make $10 million in a single year. Perhaps this goal will take two or three years, I'm not sure tripling size suddenly is the way to go about it.

Aim to make this money through skill rather than just increasing your personal risk. You have put in ten hard years graft to get to your current position, I feel you need to capitalize on your hard work and not take your foot off the pedal.

Sometimes I feel you are a little fixated on your age as if you should be retiring sometime soon! Why not trade until you are 75? That is what I plan to do because it is the ultimate game, and I am only 34 years old myself.

Lord Tedders said...


I'm constantly inspired by your desire to be more than you currently are.

I would say - get outside your comfort zone. If that involves trading with snakes on a plane then go for it!

In all seriousness though, pushing outside my comfort zone has really helped my trading in the last year. Most importantly I've challenged myself to recognize market conditions and act on them with confidence. Sounds easy doesn't it!