Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Notes - Resting Up

I'm actually going to pass on doing an extensive post tonight as I'm mentally and physically preparing for tomorrow's Europe and U.S. sessions. Specifically, I'm heading to bed to make sure I'm well rested and alert for what should be a monster MATC (Morning after Trend Close) beginning at 4am ET.

And to respond to a few emails as well as follow up on my October 10 post on the future of the Jellie training efforts, I will be working with a few traders from 10/26 to 11/20, which I expect will be the last group training effort for a while as I migrate back to full-time trading. If you're still interested in participating -- and it will be a small, intimate group with simulcast to the existing Jellies -- please let me know by end-of-business Thursday via email to, as viewing the eight 2-Hour Study Session Videos will be a required prerequisite.