Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Weekend Trader - Ends & Beginnings

As the Jellie effort winds to a close, here are a few key updates to get the weekend started.

ADA Update - Thus far, and with one week left to go in the eight week inaugural effort, the tally of the portion of the Jellie Webinars that will go to charity is $9,542, which reflects a 15% tithe of the net Webinar proceeds ("net" meaning less merchant credit card processing fees).

As promised in my recent post, I plan to personally ante any difference to get us to $10,000 if we fall short, and hope we can exceed the target this week. Based on future plans (more below), I believe we'll exceed it over time ... if not blow through it.

Final Jellie Webinar - And speaking of the Webinars, the eighth and final one scheduled for Monday evening will include feedback offered by the Jellies detailing what each one feels are the three most important take-aways from the eight week marathon, so I expect we'll officially close the series with the same intensity with which we began.

Webinar Downloads - A reminder that I've recently added the capability for traders to download zipped files of all Webinar replays for you to store and replay on your PC to your heart's content. This feature is in addition to viewing the series directly from the server. In addition, all presentation handouts are downloadable in both color and black & white (for ease of printing).

Based on attendee feedback, one of the most applauded features of each week's session has been the recaps of the prior week in the tank, often using specific chart examples to describe key scenarios and take-aways. This weekly segment has allowed us to keep the content reflective of actual, current market conditions, while allowing those outside the "tank" to more clearly sense the live education that has occurred during market hours ... in today's market.

The Future - Lastly, and again based on the feedback from Webinar attendees as well as several well-respected leaders in the industry, we're going to increase the awareness of the recorded sessions beyond this blog to allow as many traders to benefit as possible, while continuing to donate a portion of the proceeds to the ADA.

As such, the Webinars will be getting wider exposure via both SFO and Stocks & Commodities Magazines (both of which have either interviewed me or published my teachings in earlier years ... and yes, my hair was a lot less gray during that 2005 Cover Interview!) in their November issues.

In addition, after the initial Jellie effort has been completed and the Webinar series wrapped, it's likely that I'll be adjusting the current discounted price closer to its true value. For now, I plan on leaving the current discount in place through the end of September to allow interested blog followers to benefit from what I believe is the most intensive educational service I've ever produced, and likely ever will in the future ... and at a fraction of the value. (I apologize if that comment sounds like a huge sales pitch ... it's simply how I feel about it.)

Over the coming days, I'll also be updating the syllabus on the site to reflect the final content of each session.


And so this coming week will mark several "ends" as well as new "beginnings":

The end in terms of the Jellies being turned loose to swim on their own (although we will be swimming alongside each other as peer traders going forward as I've stated in the past), yet the beginning of an infinite world of market opportunity.

The end in terms of completing the "charter" Jellies' formal educational, yet the beginning of working with one final team throughout October. And yes, a few spots still exist if you're interested as I'm purposely not screaming about the effort to maintain a professional and intimate atmosphere for those who want to be there.

And soon ... the end of Don Miller the educator/trader, and the return of Don Miller the trader as I trade alongside the expanded Jellie team in the new tank.

May fortune favor all those who have benefited in some small way from the experiences of the last two months -- and upcoming four weeks -- including the Jellies, Webinar Attendees, blog "onlookers", and those in need of services from the American Diabetes Association.

From day one, this was always about win-win.

I think it's safe to say that the mission is almost accomplished.

P.S. I'm also now down to 184 pounds ... my pre-wedding weight of 24 years ago! That's 19 pounds gang, and has been a large focus of my summer restoration of body and soul after what one doc termed as almost "working myself to death" in 2008. Yea, it was an extreme comment, but his point was well taken and helped trigger me to action.