Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Notes - 1st With 1 Week to Go

As many know, Thursday night is poker night at our local tourney, and fortunately I played better than I traded today and took the prior-week winner out for the bounty while also making the final table.

Which all means I'm now first with one week to go by 225 points, although there are several scenarios that could play out where I could lose it, including those 2nd through fourth winning (for 500 points) or taking the bounty (for 200) coupled with my not placing high in the final table which "pays" 50 through 250 for 8th through 2nd.

The good news is I have control of my own destiny.

Why do I care? Well, the winner gets a free buy-in at Foxwoods, not to mention when my poker game picks up it usually coincides with a tighter trading game.

And both have strong income implications.