Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Notes - Cleaning the Tanks

Just a quick post tonight on this successful M.A.T.D. (Morning After Trend Day) as I'll be completely shutting down both the trading and coaching sides of the brain on Saturday to clear my head.

Over the weekend, we'll also be cleaning the Jellie "tanks" by moving Team #1 into its permanent "tank", while I transition to swimming with Team #2 who will ultimately have the opportunity to join Team #1 a month from now.

In terms of the American Diabetes Association Webinar Tally, we currently stand at $10,632, and I'm making arrangements for delivery of the initial check. Thanks again to all participating, and a reminder that the price of the 16-Hour study sessions will soon be reset closer to its value now that the effort has been fully completed and we make the sessions available to a wider audience.

And what am I going to do about last night's poker loss? Get right back on the horse by heading to Foxwoods tomorrow. That should clear any remaining cobwebs.

Then again, according to popular myth as mentioned in last night's video, I should have been washed up 23 years ago. btw, Average age of Jellie Team #2: 49!

Go Get 'em Sal & Mark!

P.S. Mail continues to flow in support of Tuesday's "Keys to the Castle" post. Seems we struck quite a chord.