Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday Notes - Trading Success Over 40

Before I get ready to defend first place tonight on our Championship Poker night, I discuss the myth that successful trading is only for the young.

11:05PM Poker Finals Update - It just wasn't meant to be as I finished second in the overall standings by a very slim margin. It was a helluva run though and I really can't fault my play at all. The losing hand was my A-10 that ironically flopped a straight when K-Q-J hit the board. Ultimately, I went all-in on the river and was called by a well-hidden flush. It was a very odd night, as earlier I correctly folded trip 10s (I had pocket 10s and again flopped the trips) when I knew I was beaten by a straight. So very solid play for 12 weeks, yet I'm admittedly disappointed.