Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday AM Notes - Canceling the Stop Loss

One of the Jellies -- who has been cheering me on during my summer physical rebuilding effort -- has been on my case to publish before and after photos of my weight loss effort.

So to that end -- and to maintain this ongoing diary theme of accountability while at the same time stopping my friend's constant "pestering" -- I present the attached progress photos (click to enlarge), beginning with that infamous "rushed to the hospital with a head gash right before I greet a few dozen traders" day -- which officially marked my hitting bottom on the physical and post-run burnout plane of my life -- and ending with this final week in the inaugural Jellie tank.

Thanks for the support and encouragement Jimmy, which has been one wonderful and unexpected byproduct of the Jellie effort.

And after 4 more pounds, I'll be able to officially cancel the "Stop Loss".

P.S. And like my trading records, no photoshop was required.