Friday, November 7, 2008

The Weekend Trader (Blog "Index")

I thought I'd have some fun looking back at the blog, as well as help some of the newer readers by reinforcing topics I often reference, by linking to some of my favorite or more interesting posts over the last four months. So here goes.

Cornerstone - This early post discusses the "fictitious draw" visualization which is the #1 reason for my trading results this year. And while I reference this concept in many other posts, here's where I first describe it.

Missing Out on Late Day Trends - Describes using this information to prepare for the next day. Again, I often reference this concept in other posts.

Chinese Bamboo - Provides a link to a concept describing how years of work can sometimes result in a delayed, yet sudden and astonishing growth like the Chinese Bamboo tree. This year is a prime example at this end. [1-4-09 Note: Apparently, the final destination link is no longer valid. I'm looking for an alternative one.]

My 2008 Mission - Describes my 2008 goal & mission.

My Largest 2008 & Career Draw - Needs no description.

My Largest 2008 & Career Gain - Ditto.

How Poker Has Helped My Trading - Describes another reason my trading has taken off this year.

Blog Concepts - Provides some important blog perspectives.

Monthly "Chip Count" - Explains what the end-of-month chip count charts reflect (including the scorecard in the left margin).

Most "Pissed Off" - Short and sour. Followed the next day by ....

My Corniest Movie Analogy - "The Russian is Bleeding!". Followed that evening by ...

My Best "Suck it Up" - Go Rocky.

Post Market Crash Thoughts - Thoughts on a historic week.

Final Table - My personal favorite.

And a reminder that all Videos are highlighted with stars in the blog archive index to the left, and that you can use Blogger's search feature in the very top left corner of the page to search the blog for specific content.


It's often been suggested I write a book after this year's journey is over. Yet something inside me earlier this year told me it would be better and more helpful to document it "live" as it was happening to provide a more powerful impact than any book could ever provide. So consider today's post a table of contents or index of sorts for this "book in progress".

I've often looked to break new ground in the industry and cut through all the hype and BS, and tried to do so with past simulations, teaching tools, and extremely frank public columns and magazine articles. This blog -- including the recent videos -- seemed the logical next step in a dog-eat-dog industry where much of the public information is more fiction than truth, and where chatroom leaders, fund managers, analysts, columnists, and other "market observers" refuse to share the substance and results of their own trading actions ... if there indeed is any. Even the Wizard of Oz finally came out from behind the curtain.

As I've said before, you'll continue to see me buck naked here as I document the good, bad, and ugly of this incredible journey. Everything posted here is 100% truth and backed up by auditable records, and I continue to stake my industry reputation and CME membership on that.

And while this blog started out as -- and remains -- my personal diary, it's clearly evolved beyond that as the visits continue to grow and this becomes one of the wider read trading sites on the web. To that end, I'll try to keep the content informative and helpful ... keeping in mind it's only one trader's opinion and there are many ways to paint the blank trading canvas.

Perhaps truth can indeed be stranger than fiction.

Enjoy the weekend.


YM-Trader said...

As a latecomer to your diary, thanks for the blog index. Don't get offended but I'm stealing the bamboo tree story and posting it in another forum I'm in. It's a great story, and very applicable to real life (your blog will be credited). I'm not going to be an enabler to chest pumping and advise you to take time off. That's what next year is for. I understand what its like knowing that its entirely possible tomorrow could be my best day ever. So I had better be sharp. You too.

Don Miller said...

Go for it Chuck.

No problem with sharing the Bamboo Tree link. It's powerful stuff.