Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Notes - Brutal Pace

4:18pm Some days you're the bug ... others the windshield. Today was a bit of both for me as it took me forever to get used to a market pace that I can only define as brutal. If you did well today, hats off to ya. It wasn't until late afternoon where I finally hit some resemblance of a stride, and only after looking back at my trading over the last 2 1/2 days and getting really pi$$ed off.

I was actually wondering when I'd feel that fire again ... which had been noticeably absent since mid-week last week.

The result was essentially a scratch on the day (-$687 after commish to be exact ... not even worth mentioning), but it was a helluva rebound from an early -$18K deficit due in part to some of the worst trading I've done in a while in the Europe and early U.S. session (yea, I know, I know ... no need to say anything) where I kept misfiring.

It's unfortunate that the best morning-after-trend-day action actually occured before Monday's close with the large whipsaws. Nevertheless, there were a few decent early oscillations today, although I again couldn't seem to align myself with the pace.

Hopefully, it's a good sign that I finally got peeved about my performance over the last few days. I can't put my finger on the reason for the sub par performance, but as I said above, I just haven't felt the "fire" in the belly and may need to get creative again to light the fuse.

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