Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Notes - Transition Day

4:15pm Short post today as my interests were split between market and non-market obligations. I kept sizes light most of the day and seemed to do an acceptable job of negotiating the transition to a strength day and staying away from non-scalp shorts (strong TICK & declining VIX all day), although I definitely could have stepped on the 3:26pm breakout accelerator harder. The result was a modest +$9K chip gain on a miniscule 584 x 2 trading.

Not particularly impressive by any stretch, but considering it was a Monday and that most of us have almost forgotten how to trade an intraday long trend bias, it's an acceptable start to the short week.

Plenty of room for improvement as always though.


Anonymous said...


Way to grind out today. I found the open to be one of the cleanest sequences in awhile. Middle of the day was rather boring.

I'm impressed you can multi-task with your trading. I've found I literally can do nothing else during the day (bills, phone calls, etc.) or my rhythm gets thrown off.

Have a good night.


Don Miller said...

Hi Sean -

Nice. I chose to wait out much of the AM and let the market tips its hand further before doing too much. Most of the gains came on buying the post-noon drop and taking the 3:27pm breakout.

Re: dealing with non-market priorities, it's interesting in that I sometimes find it to be as helpful (preventing overtrading and providing a vehicle to momentarily "step" away from the market and providing a clearer perspective) as it can be distracting or frustrating (missing opportunities or losing focus at a key time).

It's definitely a love/hate battle.