Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Notes - Fighting It

4:00pm What is it about Mondays? I was definitely fighting it a bit all day, starting with a rough Europe session where I probed for long breakouts (I hate those patterns) and was generally off my game, after which I spent most of the U.S. session clipping and clawing to get back to even. We'll call it a scratch on the day with the chip stack pretty much holding steady at $+2K.

I still never felt particularly on my game throughout the day though, and my trading was a lot worse than the score indicates. And while I don't track trade specific win/loss %, my feel is it was probably under 20%. The modest green on the day is largely the result of decent size management though, as I kept lot sizes small most of the day, and only put size on twice when ES was setting up for a couple of high probability midday downtrend extension entries ... both of which paid off.

That's where poker has definitely impacted my trading for the good this year in terms of paying the necessary blinds and antes throughout the day (you don't win if you don't play), while betting stronger when the hand and pace of the game dictate.

Still, I'll need to suck it up a bit tomorrow to put in a better performance.

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E-Mini Player said...

Today was a tough day for me, mainly because I let my bias get in the way of trading and kept on taking counter-trend trades on the Long side. I'll try to catch you in the Pal Talk lounge this Wednesday, from the train :)