Sunday, November 9, 2008

** VIDEO ** "Outspoken & Driven"

Today, I ramble a bit about often being called outspoken and driven by my industry peers -- both of which are 100% accurate -- and why "self-driven" is a critical attribute for a trader.

I also continue to put the blog in perspective for newer followers.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Unknown said...

I am living and breathing trading. I graduated from college in May and I began trading full time. The market is exposing my every weakness! In the evenings I am the last person to leave the office because I want to become good! I feel confident about the future. If I continue working I will see good results.

Anonymous said...

HI Don,

I've only recenlty discovered your Trading Journal... thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas.

1 thing I wanted to ask you was... Trading is a very time consuming endeavour. Can you talk about the importance of your relationship with your wife and how you are both able to cope with the ups and downs of learning to trade.

Don Miller said...

Rob -

My wife is the #1 reason for any success I've had, and stood by me through the very tough times.

One of my strongest suggestions for people who have decided to do this (note I'll never "encourage" anyone to do this) is to make sure they have a separate income to pay the bills, especially initially, and to treat it like any other start-up business where investment, tuition, and intial start-up losses should be expected for a period of time.

Of course like any start-up business, keeping in mind success isn't guaranteed and the failure rate is high ... particularly in this industry ... may be able to help minimize unexpected frustration.


Anonymous said...

Good day Don,
I enjoy keeping in touch (in a way), with you.

I've seen your consistency and honest remarks posted in either a pay site (past), or this blog. I say you keep this up, but have fun with it. Some of us here don't want to learn to trade, we already do what we do, but truly enjoy just plain hearing about the market in some form or fashion. I've noticed you are having fun with this here, I say it's therapuetic for both you and us when the day is over to just sit back and (you) write and (me) read the market and whatever that day brought to us even if it's from a different perspective.

God Bless


Don Miller said...

Thanks Fermin.

I think that's exactly the way to look at this, from both my and the reader's perspective.

Completely agree.