Friday, July 4, 2008

Trading Philosophy & Foundation

For those not familiar with me, it would probably help to recap my background, philosophies and trading style -- which will also cut down on emails!

47 Years Young; Ten Years Trading Equities, ETFs, & Futures; Member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange since 2004; NASD Series 65 Certified; Published in numerous trading publications including SFO and Stocks & Commodities; Publications include:

"Don Miller and the Ultimate Entrepreneurial Experience" Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities January 2005

"ETFs and E-Mini Futures: A Side-By-Side Review"
SFO Magazine December 2002

"What's Up with the QQQ?" SFO Magazine September 2002

"Trading the QQQ" Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities July 2002

Fund Traded
A private fund of about $1.3 Million.

Profit Objective
50% Annual Return

2008 YTD Performance (through June)
Fully Supported by Brokerage Statements

Trading Style
I'm clearly a short-term trader and member of the CME [so my commissions are low]. I trade both long and short with the intent of entering at wholesale prices and exiting at retail prices, and in doing so help provide liquidity to the market.

Technical Indicators Used
Moving Averages, Stochastics, ADX, NYSE TICK, 3 Line Break on Multiple Timeframes

Trading Infrastructure
MF Global Broker (THE best in the industry; Contact Pat Lafferty], Trading Technologies Trade Entry Platform, TradeStation & ESignal chart feeds; Three CPUs including a Sony Vaio laptop with wireless WAN, Comcast & Sprint PCS internet

Current Trading Vehicles
Primarily S&P EMini Futures; Some DAX Futures

Favorite Setups
1st Pullback in Trend; Fading Market Extremes

Market Dislikes
Hype chatrooms or market subscriptions from people who DON'T TRADE but want you to put YOUR money at risk.

Biggest Trading Errors
Too many to mention; Experience IS the best teacher. You name it, I've done it.

Largest Trading Success
Surviving the 1st ten years and thereby providing the opportunity to thrive; What doesn't kill you DOES make you stronger.

OK, enough of that. Let's begin filling in the gaps of the last thirty months.


Anonymous said...

Really like your profile and philosophies...looking forward to reading your blog space!

Don Miller said...

Welcome aboard red hue. Let's have some fun with this.