Monday, July 28, 2008

Fouling Off Pitches

Today was interesting, for it seemed that my body kept telling me all day that it's still Sunday as I felt a bit lethargic throughout the session and could never get the blood pumping. Oh, I traded here and there, but between not feeling particularly energized and not having much chart conviction (aside from the 2:40pm pop to short), I would say I felt like David Ortiz in last night's Sox-Yanks game where he simply kept fouling off tough pitches until he found that pitch he could drill into the stands (which of course he did).

Yet if you've been reading much of this blog at all, you'll know that it's not today that invigorates me, but tomorrow. It's frankly becoming a bit scary to see as many trend and post-trend days as we've had lately -- and for summer trading. "Scary" of course falling in the "Too Good to Be True" category in terms of Day 2 probability. Call it the gift that keeps on giving -- or hammering those fighting each days trend (Day 1) or oscillation (Day 2) rhythms.

So we'll keep it short and sweet tonight as I enter tomorrow with the bat on my shoulders with a 2-2 count waiting for a pitch I can drill. How about a nice hanging curveball over the middle of the plate in the context of an 8-point overnight futures pop?

The week has yet to begin.


Willtamtell said...

Hi Don,
I am so sorry that I did not leave my name on yesterdays post. This is Paul from sunny California. The last few weeks have felt, smelt, and looked more like a scene form hell with the 1400 + fires and enough smoke to choak even a person with a gas mask. Sometimes not being able to see more than a 1/4 of a mile.
Glad to see your back on the grid. lol
Paul M.

Don Miller said...

Hey Paul. Sounds bad in CA ... hang in there. Good to "see" you again. Don