Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chinese Bamboo Tree

I wanted to republish the link to a great discussion of the Chinese Bamboo Tree by Eric Aronson that Frank reminded me of in his comment on July 20. [Note: The link will take you to a reprint on this site as Eric's website domain apparently expired on 1-1-09.] It's from 2004 and is a must read that I'll revisit in greater detail when the year draws to a close. Thanks Frank.

Also, a quick welcome to my old "Inner Circle" friends. The I.C. was an intense group mentoring program we held for a couple dozen traders that spanned 2004-05. I finally located some of the old email addresses [many were outdated though, so feel free to share this link with the team] and have invited them to join those currently "looking over my shoulder". I hope your Bamboo Tree has or is ready to sprout, whether it be in trading or life's other endeavors.

Seems like old times.


padmakara said...

Hi Don,

Great blog! This is william from ic. Just want to say hi.


Don Miller said...

Hi William. Thanks ... Hoping to have some fun with this. Don

Willtamtell said...

Hi Don,

I hope this hello finds you well and in good spirits. I did so enjoyed the Monday IC enrichment and edification training.
Thanks for the invitation to blog back at you.

Jess said...

The link doestn't seem to be working anymore, forwards to an expired domain.