Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Notes - Overcoming the Odds

Every now and then, you meet someone in this business who simply touches the depths of your soul and helps reset the proper perspectives of trading -- and more importantly -- life. 

And while I've been fortunate over the years to have met and worked with many great people, one individual of the current team has impacted me in a way that words will never be able to fully describe.

His name is Bob, and he's allowed me to share his story.

You see, about four years ago, Bob lost his wife and 5-year old son in a private plane crash in which he and his other son barely survived.  Bob barely escaped death himself, as he had a nearly severed leg and had to be pulled from the burning plane by a passer-by who was flagged down by his surviving 7-year old son.  And while I'll withhold his full name for respect of privacy, I can tell you the story is real and is well-documented in newspapers.

I first met Bob about seven months ago, and he's become nothing short of an inspiration to me as I've learned about how he's battled back and continued on with life and raising his incredible son.  We've chatted several times -- including tonight -- and each time he's helped me gain an improved perspective of life, as well as what "overcoming the odds" truly means.

So no trading commentary tonight gang.

Instead, simply perspective as we collectively pursue an endeavor that has a place in life.

But not first place.

Keep the faith my friend, and remember that time is only a temporary separator.

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Bernie said...

Bob is indeed a courageous man and continues to surprise and amaze me with his determination and perseverence and always with a remarkable sense of humor. His son is equally an inspiration and reminds me daily that "life does go on" inspite of the world's worst tragedies. Bob's wife and their youngest son will forever continue to guide my heart. Cheers, Bernie