Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Weekend Traveler - Tales From NY

Last update 7:50pm ET.

Check back throughout the weekend for updates from New York & the Trader Expo.

7:50PM Dined at Broadway Joe's Steakhouse on 46th between 8th & 9th with John from the Jellie team & his wife.  Great food, friends and another strong recommendation.

3:55PM  Just saw NEWSical -- a great current event musical parody  -- at the 47th Street Theater after standing in the 1/2 price line.  (Hell, I'm a trader!)  It was hysterical and I highly recommend it for anyone.

11:40AM Today will be family day (absent my other daughter in Europe), before meeting with the Jellies Sunday night and finalizing preparations for Monday's MoneyShow interview and the 10:30 presentation.

Be sure to stop by MF Global's booth and say hi to Pat Lafferty.

We're about to head into the tunnel to Penn Station, so more later.

And yes, that's my Sony Vaio!


Glen said...


Thanks. Wishing we could have made it, but timing and now snow in NC made it impossible. Was hoping to try to win the videos... :)

Meeting Jellies would've been great.

Looking forward to updates.


Ed said...


Which lounge and what time tonight?


Don Miller said...

H - Sunday at 7pm in the main 8th floor Marriott lounge area. Don