Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Notes - More From NY

Had a good day yesterday hanging with the folks at MF Global and then catching up with a few of the Jellies in the evening.  I caught up with Carolyn Boroden, and Linda Raschke & Damon Pavaltatos also stopped by to say hi.

This morning it's off to a MoneyShow interview at 9:30 and then the presentation at 10:30, where I'm told the room will be packed.

And yes, I've already traded the DAX this morning, getting up at 5am, heading into the "private room" with a flashlight so as not to disturb my daughter and wife, logging into my trading station 300 miles away, checking the Europe charts, and executing a sequence before finalizing the presentation.

We'll head out late this afternoon and should be home by about 11pm.

I'll provide a summary of the day and weekend on my train ride back this evening.

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