Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Notes - Expo Follow-Up

Tonight I discuss my final observations on the Expo -- including several perceived positives for this industry -- as well as discuss plans to provide portions of the presentation content over time via video and the Livestream TV effort (beginning here tomorrow at 4:30pm ET) for those who couldn't attend.

btw, I misspelled NEWSical near the end.  There's no "u" ... duh.  And the show included a hilarious skit poking fun (and rightfully so) at Suze Orman.


RoachApproach said...

are you going to record your session and put it up on donmillertv?


Unknown said...

Nice blog and feedback of the conference.
I am in the forex market, originally shares, but after 4 months of hair-tearing experience I finally mastered my new occupation, as I quit my dull PhD to trade full time this year. I enjoy your videos, and I can relate how everyone is looking for the holy grail, and I used to be one of them in forex; now I use the most simple set-ups with good success; so I hope to go from lemonade stand to 7/11 within this year. My experience was harrowing because I use to trade shares successfully using fundamentals but the forex was a nightmare to begin with and now it is fair to say it is my puppet. Happy trading and keep doing the good work.
London, UK

Jay Nocats said...

Hi Don,

Thanks for blogging.

I sent you an email with subject: Introduction Hello.

I'm sure you get a lot with your address out in the open there.

- J