Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Notes - Nothing But Net

At this end, today was a quasi-practice day for me as I found myself carrying over some sloppy play from the prior two days during this morning's early Europe session.

So I decided to instill a combination of both discipline and fun in my game by seeing how many consecutive profitable trade sequences I could make, using the number of consecutive NBA free throws (97 By Michael Williams in 1993 ... and yes, I had the wrong figure during today's chat) as a reference point.

So every time I saw an edge, no matter how slight, I took it and exited immediately.  And while I didn't make it to 97, I did manage to reach 21 before having to start the streak all over.  The idea of course was to tighten up my game and simply focus on the "ball" and "hoop".  No crowd, no teammates ... just me in an empty gym.

Which reminded me of one of the most popular Super Bowl commercials of all time when Bird and Jordan played the famous "first one to miss" game for a Big Mac.

The only difference was that in my case, it was more like ... "Off the divergence, over the low volume, around the phony sizes, through the TICK air ... Nothing But Net".

The real game starts again tomorrow.