Saturday, November 28, 2009

Special Post - Webinar Unbundling

In response to various email requests, and given my continuing sensitivity to trader educational costs for those on a budget, I've decided to "unbundle" the eight two-hour Jellie Study Session Webinars for the Holiday season by creating a package of the key first three sessions at 50% of the full series price (effectively, a single point on a 15-lot ES trade).

While I feel all eight sessions are important as each one builds on the prior ones, I also recognize that some weren't able to afford the full series, and would like to reach out to as many interested traders as possible.

As noted in the full course syllabus which describes the content of each session in detail, I consider the first three sessions as the most critical in laying the foundation for what was a very intense eight week effort. Keep in mind the first session was paramount in describing my deeply held beliefs and strategies, and the third session includes my views on risk and trade sequence management.

Session #1 - Laying the Foundation
Setting the Jellie Environment
Don’s Core Trading & Training Beliefs
The Concept of Wholesale Opportunities & Market Inefficiencies
Trading Variations & Don’s Style
Screen, Setups
Preferred High Probability Technical Pattern Setups
Key ES Tendencies
Uncertainty & Probability
Betting Size, Income Distribution, & “Outliers”

Session #2 - Trader Business Planning & Week #1 Reinforcement
Business Concepts & Expense Management
Don’s Core Trading & Training Beliefs
Don’s Workstation Setup
Trader Cost Components
Business Entity & Trader Tax References
CME Membership Cost & Benefits
Trader Financial Reporting
Week #1 Jellie Reinforcement:
- The Power of the M.A.T.D.
- Divergences in a Range Environment
- Extreme Trend Capitulation
- 1-Minute Coil Triggers
- Exiting Into the Retail Trade
- Nasdaq vs. S&P Relative Strength

Session #3 - Trade Management & Week #2 Reinforcement
Scalp vs. Swing Trading
Single vs. Multiple Entries/Exits
Trade Sequence Risk Management
Risk Management via Stops
Risk Management via Sizing
Pressing the Trade
Week #2 Jellie Reinforcement:
- Late Day Closing Runs
- Noon Extensions
- Balancing Multiple Indicators
- Seasonal Tendencies
- FOMC Day Strategies
- Stops as Pauses
- Focus

As was the case before, the price can be applied toward the entire Series or a live Jellie effort should I decide to run any in 2010 (as most know, I'm simply focused on my own trading right now), and the donation to the American Diabetes Association will continue.

If you're interested, you can view feedback to the course, a video overview, and ordering info on the site.

Consider it my gift to those on a tight budget and another push to help the ADA during the Holiday season in the continuing spirit of win-win.

Look for the normal Weekend Trader post later.