Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Notes - Mailbag Links

Here are a few relevant links from recent onlooker emails:

A very nice and relevant talk from Richard St. John who reminds us that success is a constant journey. Richard does a great job illustrating many of the same lessons I've learned in my own journey, especially during the recent years of tremendous blessing and early summer temporary plateau.

A recent interview with Howard Lederer discussing the similarities of poker and trading.

And a nice reminder of Charles Schultz' philosophy from one kind reader responding to the Jellie and blog efforts, from which we could all take a page.

I do read and respond to all emails -- although please keep in mind it may take a day or two given my focus on my trading business -- and the best way to contact me is at

Also, a reminder that you can follow me via Twitter at where I post blog updates, and will look to use it even more productively in 2010.