Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Notes - Turning the Page

Short post today as I head out of town for the weekend following today's MATD (Morning After Trend Day with as-expected oscillations) and formal completion of the final Jellie effort of 2009.

As for the immediate future, for now, I need to take off the headset and go from simultaneously teaching 100% and trading 80% (yea, I know that doesn't add ... but it really has felt like a 180% effort), to trading 100%. For I will always be a trader first and foremost, as the challenge to compete and strive to fill one's true potential is simply in my blood.

btw, thanks for the continued mail in response to the recent tank transcripts. I'm glad many found them helpful.

The Jellie study session videos will of course remain available, and represent the best value and compilation that I'll likely ever create from an educational perspective -- absent live play-by-play which I may resurrect from time to time. The ADA donation will also continue, in part to remind all of us that life is about helping each other, and I've decided NOT to increase the video price (brokers have told me they're far underpriced) for the same reason.

And of course this blog will continue as well, with all of the corny movie, sports, and motivational analogies and parables.

For this is my journey.

And this is my story.

Time to turn the page and begin a new chapter.