Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Weekend Trader - 2010: Year of the Iceberg

Throughout my life, I've always been a believer in harnessing the power of the unseen, while using nature metaphors to try to bring the unseen into view.

Most diary followers know the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree by now, which became a personal metaphor for my trading in 2008 as my life's root structure -- naked to the visual eye -- showed its strength and power.

2009 of course brought continued Bamboo growth, followed by the Jellie effort which recognized that traders must constantly float and adapt to current market tides and conditions to be successful.

And after some deep soul searching of recent weeks and Friday's trading (where I'm still ticked off at my size management), and on the heels of reader feedback to my question in October of what to do now that I've caught the rabbit, I've decided to make 2010 my personal Iceberg year which -- to keep me motivated -- include the following Jack Welch-like stretch Trading Goals for 2010:

2010 Initial Outlier Trading Goals

At least two $100,000 Days (with allowances for two $50,000 Daily Draws)
At least two $50,000 Single Trade Sequences
Increasing my standard-position ES trade size radically to 250 contracts, and my "all-in" size to 500 (close to a fivefold increase to my recent definition, keeping in mind I can trade up to 800)
Note the 12/11/09 Update re: financial targets.

Other 2010 Goals
Continue to give back to the Industry & contribute to the American Diabetes Association
Continue to develop & trade amidst a group of World Class traders
Make the Final Table in one major poker tournament
Be in my office no later than 5am ET EVERY day & by 4am on EVERY post-trend day
Further refine and protect my mental focus and spiritual energy at all costs
Participate in at least one spiritual weekend retreat
Continue to speak up on behalf of traders over 40

Yes, the outlier goals are purposely ambitious, and accomplishing them won't be easy. And many of course will again say it's impossible (I'm already starting my 2010 bulletin board), that it's all about greed (no, it's all about the challenge and further stretching oneself so long as we have breath), or that it's "all about me" (for this diary's intent has always been to inspire others to pursue greatness).

Yet the time for such a move finally seems, well, "right". My game is on, my new body (25 less pounds) is ready, I'm surrounded by an incredible supportive team, and I'm planning on using the 2009 summer "off-season" of teaching as the springboard for the launch, while using December as a "bridge" of sorts to get my sizes up.

And it will take some significant mental conditioning, which I've already begun in the form of using a simulator on weekends trading 1,000 contract lots to make myself comfortable with the size jump (much like a baseball player in the on-deck circle swings a weighted bat ... as the "increase" will actually feel like a "decrease").

Clearly, it won't be easy and I fully expect to get "knocked around".

But by now you should know I despise "easy".

Plus, we mustn't be fooled by the naked eye.

For methinks we've only scratched the surface.

And as always, you're welcome to look over my shoulder via the blog as I chronicle what I expect will be my toughest trading journey ever. I also encourage you to set your own iceberg goals to discover your fullest potential, as it's probably there even though you can't "see" it.