Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Weekend Trader - Twitter "Uncle"

OK, after some longstanding reluctance as noted at times in these virtual pages, I've been prodded enough to join the ranks of those "tweeting". And like all of my endeavors, I'm going to try to use and amplify it in a no-nonsense productive way to supplement the blog, and perhaps even save some time at this end in the process.

My only concern is I haven't quite decided how I'll use it -- OK, more than a minor detail -- although I'll likely begin using it to communicate with the Jellies and Webinar onlookers ... plus of course anyone else choosing to follow, so hop on board if you dare.

However it evolves, one rule I'll have as long as I have a breath is that I won't let it interfere or detract from my trading, or from the current swim in the tank. Other than that, I'll figure it out along the way, so bear with me as I stretch my wings. And yes, recent tweets will begin appearing in the left hand margin shortly.

Other than that, I'll let Friday's video stand for my current thoughts, as I'm head down this weekend preparing for Monday's second Webinar. My continued thanks to all participating, and I look forward to writing the American Diabetes Association a healthy check when we conclude the effort.

Tweet tweet.