Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Weekend Trader - Bon Appetit

I continue to find it amazing how movies imitate life (and Trading!) and vice versa, and those that have followed this trek over the last year know the list of imitations is long.

Think about it. For just within the last few weeks we've seen how The Answer Man, The Truman Show, and Evan Almighty have provided analogy after analogy to this person's life and trading journey. btw, last year's City Slickers post remains one of my favorites.

And just when I thought it was safe to go to the movies to get my mind completely away from trading, blogs, and Jellies, along comes Julie and Julia which my wife and I attended last night.

If you're not familiar with the plot (click on poster to access movie site & trailer), Amy Adams plays the role of Julie, a driven young married woman known for not finishing things who chose to undertake a self-imposed journey to end all journeys by recreating Julia Child's 536 recipes in 365 days, while openly sharing every success & stumble with those who chose to follow via her personal blog.


Double Wow.

The movie's analogies to this trader's 2008 journey -- which seemed to surface every five minutes -- were downright scary. The self-imposed "crazy" target, the naysayers, the prior unfinished business, the supportive spouse, the driven soul, the mental exhaustion, the getting back up after being knocked down, the highs, the lows, the final success, the growing list of followers via word of mouth, the unintended height of public exposure ... and that's just Julie. Then there's Julia, who had a deep passion for cooking, and after mastering her own craft amidst her own early doubters, wound her way to the top of her field before ultimately being driven to devote her life to educating others (while still cooking of course!).

I could go on for paragraphs, if not pages. It was scary with a capital "S".

Yet perhaps the most important similarity for followers of this journey is that neither Julie, Julia, nor Don wanted to be put on a pedestal. There's only one deserving of that, and He was born 2,009 years ago. Nope. For just as I've always said that in the end this diary isn't about me ... it's about you, such was also the case with both Julie and Julia.

Three lives, two separated by time, and one separated by industry (although you know me, I could write about trading vs. cooking analogies until the virtual ink runs out). Yet in all three cases, the true story was about dedicating oneself to a purpose, having the conviction to stay with it despite those that questioned ability, motives, etc., and having the fortitude to "finish the job".

Stating the ridiculously obvious, life is about overcoming obstacles and doubters ... with doubter #1 often being our inner self. Yet perhaps more importantly, it's also about finishing the job.

I've always believed those of us that have been blessed with life on this planet and are still kicking owe it to others to "pass the torch" by sharing their stories. For remember the words of last year's final "Night to Dance" post:

Tonight, we all dance. In part for the joy of personal victory, but for all, the survival of 2008 and the possibilities of 2009. And at midnight tonight, I'll drink a toast to all who have joined me on this year's journey .... and to all who made it through the year, even if kicking and screaming or temporarily wounded. You made it. And you're a year smarter. Don Miller 12-31-08

No, the journeys of Julie, Julia, and Don aren't about them. Not at all. For their chronicles are simply examples and recipes to follow. (Sorry, I couldn't resist that one.)

Rather, it's about you.

Now go finish the job!!

Bon Appetit.