Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Notes - A Team Comes Together

9:00pm As I've been working through the last few weeks of final Jellie preparation, I was admittedly wondering how quickly the Jellies would ... well, "gel" (sorry, couldn't resist) together in terms of adapting to their new environment. For while I was confident the group would eventually get acclimated to the new surroundings, I wasn't sure how long it would take, as everyone -- including myself -- would essentially be making a transition from living and working in a single fishbowl to a conducting business in a larger tank.

Yet last night and today reflected as comfortable of a transition as I've ever experienced as twenty-one traders (plus a host of onlookers last night) completed their efforts over the last two days in a way that felt like we've been swimming together for a long time.

And while I'm a bit hoarse tonight after helping the team find its "sea legs" and align with the "current" of the day (primarily a continual bullish bias on retracements, with several 1-minute continuation triggers and TICK pop exit signals to guide along the way), it quickly became clear that one of the key project objectives of developing long-term trader self-sufficiency was already coming into focus as even some of the newer traders were spotting and narrating to TICK divergences before the first day was even complete.

Yea, I know it probably sounds too good to be true and it was admittedly only one day. Yet as they say, truth can often be stranger than fiction.

And so for now, I'm simply going with the flow.

For that's what Jellies do.

And for those who have asked, yes last night's 2+ Hour Webinar was recorded -- as all sessions will be -- and is now available for replay or downloading, along with handouts (42 slides) for those interested in benefiting from following the effort. A reminder that 15% of Webinar proceeds will go to the American Diabetes Association, and my personal thanks to all those choosing to particiate thus far. Based on the feedback from last night's cornerstone session, I'm glad all found the material helpful and worthwhile. (Click on Slide to right for Session Contents.)