Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Notes - April 31st?

3:30pm Who says April only has 30 days? Just like the Bulls-Celtics refused to let Game 6 end, ES just had to let April continue for one more day with a session of rather listless trading as it seemed to take the cue from the Eurex exchange which was closed today for its annual May Day respite.

As I mentioned yesterday, I viewed today as a mulligan in terms of trade interest given that Europe was closed and I normally take Friday light anyway, and so Monday will begin the first test to see if the market and I want to begin the dance in earnest. Yet at least I didn't force any issues today and head into the weekend in a decent frame of mind.

The good news is I put a strong performance in last night to take 1st on our weekly poker tournament, with solid focus throughout the five hour session. Frankly, it was some of the most solid tournament poker I've played in while in terms of good decision making, with patience coming into play during heads-up play when I went from chip lead to major short-stack as the result of laydown after laydown, before finally putting it away with three strong closing plays.

Still, my preference remains cash games as I continue to find most players don't trade well when their real capital is constantly at risk, which of course result in the continuing parallels to trading. Nevertheless, the local tourneys are still nice get-togethers with the locals.

Even better news is I secured a couple seats in one of the Garden's luxury suites for Sunday night's Bruins-Canes playoff game, and will be treating my poker tutor to all the fixings. He'll never fully understand what he did for my trading mindset that has literally been worth millions to me, and so it's the least I can do.

Now if I could only find seats for the Celts-Bulls Armageddon on Saturday. Methinks the Bulls will pull it off as it's pretty clear that the Celts can't play championship caliber defense without KG.

Rest up gang. May starts in earnest on Monday.


YM-Trader said...

Can you expand on this a little....You said, "He'll never fully understand what he did for my trading mindset that has literally been worth millions to me, and so it's the least I can do." If I missed something earlier just point me in that direction. Thanks.

Don Miller said...

Hi Chuck -

Just do a blog search (upper left corner) for poker, and that's probably a good place to start.

There's also a post fairly early in 2008 addressing some of the similarities in terms of strategy, size management, mental mindset, etc.


Trader Kevin said...

"Now if I could only find seats for the Celts-Bulls Armageddon on Saturday."

I'm sure they love Rondo in Boston, but those of us in Chicagoland are developing a healthy hatred for that dirty SOB.

I trust you enjoyed the Bruins game.

Don Miller said...

Kevin -

Yea, too funny considering the reality. Similar stuff here in terms of the Bulls whining and celebrating every basket as if they've won the Finals. But I guess the press needs something to write about ... sort of reminds me of traders barking at other traders.

Doesn't matter to me who wins ... been a classic series and a privilege to watch. I'm secretly rooting for the Bulls. It's too bad whoever wins will be eventual fodder for Cleveland though.


ES_Addict said...


It was good to see you state that you "didn't force any issues" during the trading day. It's "small" statements like that which help me confirm that "hey, maybe I'm starting to mature at this game". Not so long ago on a day like today, I would have forced some trades. Today, I casually observed and basically sat on hands all day as nothing really excited me to participate in. Were there some opportunities, sure. But I just didn't see anything that induced me to pull the trigger. I had a good prior four days and it does make going into the weekend a bit nicer feeling that I traded well.

Going into my second season of trading the ES, I consider myself still elidgable for rookie status (and I beleive I'll consider myself a rookie for years to come as I find my way throuugh this journey).

I'm curious to know how many years it took you before it "clicked" for you to the point where you understood what the market was telling you and felt comfortable and confident in your trading methodology and results?

From your experience dealing with other full-time traders who spend 10-14 hours a day trading, studying charts etc., what is the window of time it "generally" takes for traders to "click" at this ES game?

I'd also be very intetested in hearing from others reading this blog what they have experienced in regards to the amount of time it took until they "got it". Anyone game to share?

On a sports note, thanks to the Bulls / Celts 3OT on Thursday, it took some of the attention away from the beating the "Fish" put on the Cubs that night.
What a series...7 OTs! Looking forward to the Sat night contest. Hopefully it will put an exclamation point on this classic series no matter who is victorious.

Looks like the results of the Bruins game were favorable. Hope you enjoyed the game and enjoy the weekend!


Trader Kevin said...

"Yea, too funny considering the reality."

I'm not really much of an Association fan, though I do watch some of the playoffs. And I have a special interest in this series because I saw Derrick Rose play two years ago in high school.

With regards to Rondo, what's the truth? Is he a dirty player or has he just been a little chippy in a tough playoff battle?

Agree with you that Cleveland should destroy the survivor.

Don Miller said...

Hi Kevin -

Oh I suppose as with many players, it's some immaturity ... which we're likely seeing with the young players on both teams.

Raw talent without a fully matured and experienced adult brain can be frustrating to coach.

Just like trading :-).