Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Notes - No Lipstick

4:15pm I could dress up today's notes somewhat, but thought why bother putting lipstick on a pig. Essentially, the P&L at this end was as flat as the market as the few micro-pullback profits were offset by some blinds and antes incurred in probing range breaks and extensions, which of course never really materialized.

So call it a scratch at this end for -$2K and we'll tip our hat to the low-volume range traders. Not my game, and never will be.

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TheRumpledOne said...

Hey Don:

Win some, lose some. Dust yourself off and get back in there and trade tomorrow.

You could post the file to one of those free upload sites like googledocs and we could download from there.

I just hate to reinvent the wheel.


P.S. I listened to your interview at Trader Interviews today. Have you listened to mine?